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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I'm supposed to have signed my harmonisation of terms & conditions paperwork by last friday and returned it to personnel.  Under TUPE law, my new employer basically matched the T&Cs offered by my old one, but they look to get you onto their own as soon as possible (easier to look after.)  In theory this means you are incentivised so that you have a reason to sign.  I've got nothing - signing means basically nothing to me.  Same job, same salary, same everything.  No need to hurry then, huh? 

Had a test-drive in an Audi A3 this evening - frisquette is thinking of getting one as a company car (hey - don't get me started... see T&Cs above).  Seemed okay, with a surprisingly throaty 1.6l engine, but not as nice as the Golf she tried last week.  Both would be fine though, I suppose.

Still lost deep in Spider-Man 2 world, by the way.

Loving the interpol album........


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