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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm running towards nothing....

It was one of those classically English days today. It was sunny, but not too sunny. It was cold, but not really cold. It snowed, but it was only a sort of light dusting of damp snow and it didn't really settle.... it was quite nice.

We nipped out to take the dog for a walk in the forest near my mum and dad's. Once we had escaped the crowds having their once-yearly consititutional in the kilometer or so around the main car park, we largely had the place to ourselves. I think the dog enjoyed stretching her legs - I know I did.

After an unpromising beginning, Boxing Day actually turned out to be alright. We drove down to my Mum and Dad's house and spent a little time with them and with my elder brother and his lovely wife. Everyone was feeling better, and we exchanged a few presents, drank a little wine and generally sat around in front of an open fire.

To be perfectly honest, I was mainly glad of an opportunity to finally get my head stuck into a book and to try and zone out most of what was happening around me. I feel like I haven't had any time to myself over the last few days, and I certainly haven't had any time with C. It's perhaps not very sociable to disappear into a book, but it did give me some much needed time in my own little world.

I'm working tomorrow, so we drove back up the motorway in the snow flurries to make sure we got home in time for a spot of tea (leftover goose - naturally) and maybe a glass or two of wine and a DVD before an early night.

I'm hoping the office will be pretty quiet and that I can plug my iPod in and get my head down for a relatively painless day without any interruptions.

How are you bearing up? Any casualties?


  • At 6:47 pm, Blogger LB said…

    *peers out of bunker in tin hat*

    is Christmas finished? can I come out yet?

  • At 7:57 pm, Blogger the urban fox said…

    Snow! Lovely photos. We had none here, but it is freeeeeezing.

    Whose dog, yours or your parents'?

    Hope you and C get to spend some cosy time together tonight. Sounds like a bit of sofa snuggling is overdue.

  • At 10:13 pm, Blogger -L said…

    Hi ST! Your photos are lovely. You have more snow than we do here in Wisconsin!

    Enjoy the peace and quiet tonight!

  • At 10:59 pm, Blogger swisslet said…

    Hey Foxy - it's this dog

    .. and she belongs to my mum and dad. She's very sweet and more than a little neurotic. The cat's adorable too - she's getting on a bit now, and she's allowed to stay inside at night now. In fact, she slept on our bed on Saturday night, and purred very loudly all night.


  • At 10:59 pm, Blogger HistoryGeek said…

    Beautiful. It was dull grey here today - even the snow is kind of grey. But otherwise the day is nice and quiet.

  • At 1:14 am, Blogger Alecya G said…

    Wow. Lovely photos. Looks like a slam bang finish, at least. Better than nothing.

    I agree with Foxy, hope you got yourself some snuggle.

  • At 7:13 am, Blogger Aravis said…

    Those photos are beautiful! It sounds as though the next day was much better. I don't blame you for sticking your nose in a book; sometimes it must be done. Hope you get some quiet time soon. :0)

  • At 5:42 am, Blogger Jenni said…

    I am in dire need of a book in which to bury my head. Hoping to make it to the library tomorrow...


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