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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

we're heading to Venus, and still we stand tall....

OK - this is the last call for your votes for Earworms of the Year please.

I'm going to work out what the hell to do with them all at some point in the next couple of days, and will post a chart of some sort on Friday.

One last time, here's what I need you to do:
  • think of the 5 songs / tunes / ringtones / adverts / whatever that have been hanging around in your head the most over the last 12 months. They don't have to have been released this year, but they do need to have been buzzing around across your synapses (although to be fair, that's harder to check, so I'll probably have to take your word for it)
  • put them into an order 1-5, and give me a couple of sentences about each one
  • email them to me at the address in my profile above
I'm going to do a round-up of this year's earworms on Friday - based both on your votes and on the choices of all of this year's Guest Editors.

There might be some prizes.

Alles klar?


  • At 10:27 pm, Blogger Alecya G said…

    oooh! prizes! *does a happy dance*

    heh heh heh.

    I got mine in....has no one else sent it in yet? That's not very friendly...

  • At 11:14 pm, Blogger swisslet said…

    well, I've got others... I just don't want to do the post on Friday and have people go, "oh that's a good idea, I wish I'd voted"... which they will... someone always does.

    (plus I know a couple of people who want to enter but haven't done so yet)

    But yours were most welcome AG!


  • At 5:06 pm, Blogger Erika said…

    "Alles klar"? That's Swedish. Why on earth are you speaking Swedish, ST?

  • At 7:15 pm, Blogger the urban fox said…

    He's not, it's German.

  • At 8:06 pm, Blogger Aravis said…

    I won't be submitting this time. For some reason I can only think of 2 nagging earworms this year. I'll enjoy reading everyone else's though! :0)


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