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Monday, November 15, 2004

...terror takes the sound before you make it

I went to see The Grudge yesterday. I'm not usually a massive horror film fan, but this one managed to pretty much scare the pants off me, and my heart was pounding throughout. Ultimately though I found it a tiny bit unsatisfying. Sure, I thought it was frightening, but suffered from diminishing returns (a little bit like the way that films like Jaws and Alien are more frightening when you don't see the creatures than when you do). I won't talk about it too much here, because I don't want to spoil it for any of you who might want to go and see it, but although the end of the film is great in one way, because it doesn't seek resolution or answers, I still came out with lots of questions (so why is it *her* with the great rage?). Of course, C. told me that I was being too logical about it, but then again, she was absolutely terrified by it.... so naturally I spent the rest of the afternoon making croaking noises that had her screaming (it's a theme in the film, not a perversion of mine, by the way....).

It's good though. So if scary movies are your thing, go and see it.

If they're not, you might want to go and see it anyway. Buffy is in it.

Funny thing is that the malevolent spirit reminded me of Papa Lazarou.... now that is scary.

Dave.... Is that you Dave?


  • At 11:07 am, Blogger Teresa Bowman said…


    I'd like to see it. I've heard it's one of those American-remakes-of-Japanese-horror-films (like The Ring) but despite that, is very good.

    I like it when sudden scary bits in films make everyone in the cinema jump at the same time. The collective gasp of horror that went up in "The Others" when the old woman flung open the doors of the cupboard where the children were hiding was brilliant. As was the collective nervous laugh that followed it.

  • At 11:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You're wedding ring, give it to me, George is dead now.

    You're my wife now...

    Social Misfit

  • At 12:53 pm, Blogger LB said…

    i don't like horror films at all, sorry. Even though "Six Feet Under" is my favourite tv series, I cant actually watch any of the bits at the beginning where people die, so big scary films are really not for me.

    I stayed in and watched "Beautiful Girls" instead. Much more like it.

    and don't try and pass that croaking/screaming thing off as related to the film....

  • At 5:40 pm, Blogger Mark said…

    Stop Dave. Please stop Dave. I'm afraid. My mind is going. I can feel it.


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