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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Evil minds that plot destruction....

Arguments blow up in the stupidest ways.......

The scene: we've just got off the train from London, where we had attended a ball and done a spot of shopping. C. has just spotted a poster for the book "Toast".

C: Is that Nigel Slater, as in Nigel Slater?
Me: Yes.
C: Has he written a book?
Me: Yes, "Toast". It came out about a year ago and they serialised it in the Observer.
C: Really?
Me: Yes. The book has a picture of a very recognisable Nigel Slater aged about 8 sitting at the end of a dinner table. They published a few chapters each week, in Food Monthly I think. You read them.
C: No I didn't
Me: Yes you did.
C: I don't remember
Me: We talked about it!
C: Well, I didn't read them all then. Perhaps only one.
Me: I didn't read them all either, and I remember
C: Well, unlike some people I don't remember everything I read unless it seems important or interesting
Me: Well, it seemed important and interesting enough to you to mention you had seen a poster for it a minute ago....

etc. etc.

I'm sure you can picture the rest.

All brownie points accrued over the course of the weekend, out of the window in 2 minutes as a perfectly innocent conversation escalates into warfare. Why, why can I not learn to let things pass? Why do I always have to say what I'm thinking, whatever the cost?



  • At 4:15 am, Blogger Princess Wild Cow said…

    Well, welcome to the mediocrity that is America. I find it amazing that some of my favorite blogs come from places other than here...I am enjoying learning about others around the world by reading the thoughts of the people who live there. The diversity is great. Welcome aboard.

  • At 5:47 pm, Blogger The Num Num said…

    That is funny. A certain Icy Chick is also known to throw immense tantrums over what I believe to be the simplest issues. Don't fret old boy. Tis life.


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