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Monday, June 06, 2005

And people they don't understand...



Like a terrible, shambling drunk, I woke up blinking in the cold light of the morning and realised I may have done something terrible; something unforgiveable. With a nasty sinking feeling, I fired up the laptop and there it was - or should I say there I was.

I wouldn't mind so much, but I hadn't touched a damn drop - I'm in training, you know.

I'm not sure I know how to face you after that, but I thought that the long journey towards pushing those photos off the page starts with the first post.

And just when I needed another long and rambling post, now I discover brevity.

.... only joking of course. I've got no regrets. I'd do it all again tomorrow, I tell you!

You should probably consider that a threat.


  • At 10:46 pm, Blogger swisslet said…

    it's ridiculous isn't it?

    Not one week ago I was musing on anonymity in a weblog, and then before I know where I am, I'm posting photos of myself prancing around in rubber and in lycra.

    Dear oh dear.

    The internet corrupts.

    Where do I go from here? (and no, that's not a request for suggestions)


  • At 11:48 pm, Blogger Aravis said…

    From SwissToni's Place- The Blog to SwissToni's Place- The Reality Show? Much as I love you ST, please don't listen to that sly Fox... *G*

  • At 1:30 am, Blogger Erika said…

    I missed it! I missed it, damn it! And based on the pictures of you from Korea, you prancing around in lycra is not something to be missed!

  • At 8:36 am, Blogger LB said…

    oh hello

    if we're going into Reality mode this looks like its turning into Celebrity Love Blog. I vote for Ka and Swiss in the Love Shack.

  • At 9:06 am, Blogger swisslet said…

    Ka - you're too kind... (and I'm not the self-censoring kind - I'm afraid to say the photos are still there)


  • At 10:19 am, Blogger The Num Num said…

    Dude, what happened to your hair! Its going going gonnnnnnnne!

  • At 11:30 am, Blogger Damo said…


    So what did you think of the Coldplay album then? I think Side 1's stunning and Side 2 is pretty good but not AS good, and hence stops it being a classic...

  • At 5:34 pm, Blogger HistoryGeek said…

    No regrets! (Says she who recently thought better of an already published post and deleted it.)

    Seriously, the reality TV thing has possibilities, imagine all the rubber and lycra you could purchase!


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