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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

as an outstretched arm slowly disappears....

I have learnt two things already this week:

-> My calves are apparently too fat for most ski socks. There seems little point having a pair of comfortable ski boots if I cut off the circulation to my feet with my socks

-> If I don’t go swimming for about a month, then my arms and shoulders are noticeably weaker when I finally do go and try to haul myself through the water for 50 lengths.

I am drawing two conclusions from this.

1) ‘Large’ Ski socks aren’t being made large enough (my calves certainly aren’t all that hefty)
2) I should perhaps do less running and more swimming – that way I will maintain the strength in my shoulders and not bulk my calves out any more than I already have.

Every day is a school day, right?

So what am I doing at lunchtime? That’s right, I’m going for a run. I didn’t get where I am today by learning any lessons from life, you know....


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