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Monday, August 29, 2005

in your hand the birth of a new day

I think I'm going to get all interactive on you.

You've got 2 options here for my next post:

1) "Ask Swiss" - you know the drill: you ask, I answer

2) "Auntie Swiss" - something of a twist on the above.... I'll offer up the dubious benefit of my wisdom on any issues or problems that you might care to submit. Could be world peace, could be whether you should get a haircut or not (although given my hairstyle, I think my answer to the former would be the more useful)

Both of them are pretty lazy on my part, I know.... but it is a bank holiday.

What do you say?


  • At 10:08 pm, Blogger Erika said…

    I'm learning all sorts of delicious things about you by more circuitous means, so I'm going to go for Auntie Swiss. Do I ask my question now or later?

  • At 10:38 pm, Blogger Ali said…

    Auntie - although I don't as yet need your advice it would be a comfort to know we had our own Marge Proops at hand.

  • At 6:20 am, Blogger Aravis said…

    I also vote for Auntie. I imagine your advice could be interesting! *G*

  • At 9:41 am, Blogger LB said…

    Auntie Swiss for me as well.

    Although I am not going to ask you whether I should get a haircut or not.

  • At 11:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Don't you think you might need someone's advice? From what I've read here you seem pretty f*cked up... Sorry.

  • At 12:12 pm, Blogger the urban fox said…

    Is this the new breed of spam? Random, badly-targeted, anonymous insults? Boring.

    Swiss, were you asking for votes on option 1 or 2, or soliciting immediate questions?

  • At 12:12 pm, Blogger swisslet said…

    Anon - that's a vote for "ask Swiss" then, I take it?


    (and if you've got some advice to offer, don't be shy.... I can always start an "auntie anon" feature)

  • At 12:14 pm, Blogger the urban fox said…

    Did we just post simultaneously?

    People take years to achieve that kind of rapport, y'know. Heh.

  • At 12:15 pm, Blogger swisslet said…

    asking for votes Foxy - the next post (which I will probably put up tonight) will be the one to fire in the questions....

    Auntie Swiss looks the favourite so far... and I'm quite pleased about that actually. "Ask Swiss" would be a bit hackneyed I think, and you can always just ask me anything you like anyway. I'm happy to do both.


    (the "ask Swiss" thing comes from me thinking the other day that I wasn't being open enough here... but you all seem to know me pretty well anyway)

  • At 12:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    why is it an insult?
    after having spent time reading this blog, aren't I allowed to have an opinion?

  • At 12:17 pm, Blogger the urban fox said…

    Come back when you're prepared to put a name to your opinions, Anonymous.

  • At 1:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    is that better than anonymous?

  • At 4:12 pm, Blogger red one said…

    In my young day, we were told if we didn't have anything nice to say, best not to say anything at all.

    We had to make our own friends in those days, you know.


  • At 7:06 pm, Blogger Mark said…

    lurkers. wonderful people. in a pond the scum always rises to the top.

    you're allowed to have an opinion, but posting anonymously just shows you up for someone who knocks on other people's doors and runs away. a coward.

  • At 8:07 pm, Blogger the urban fox said…

    Country_cat, you would be marginally less boring if you could direct us to your own personal blog, wherein we could assess for ourselves the level of your own mental health. Fair's fair.

  • At 3:13 am, Blogger HistoryGeek said…

    Okay, if ST is f-ed up then I'm for the looney bin...anyone with me?

    Really, country cat, you get an opinion, but what are you talking about?!


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