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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

the answer is blowin' in the wind....

To avoid all possibility of another night spent moping about the house, this evening I made sure that there wouldn't be any time. I left work at about 7pm, went for a swim, got back home about 8:30, grabbed a bite to eat and dashed out to the pub to meet some friends for 8:45. It was the pub quiz, you see.

To make up for the brilliant post I would undoubtedly have written if I had stayed at home, I've brought home a couple of questions for you:

A. Name the 5 countries with the biggest hindu populations
B. Name the last 5 American winners of the men's singles tournament at Wimbledon
C. This one's a bit more tricky: the last letter of the previous answer is the first letter of the next answer.....

1. Which sitcom had characters called Daphne, Ros, Niles & Martin?
2. Which cartoon dog appeared with a cat called Custard?
3. Which Rock singer took his name from a brand of hearing aid?
4. What's the name given to a patch of green in the middle of a desert?
5. Which season begins after the vernal equinox?
6. Which British film has won the most Oscars?
7. Which country did the Romans call Hibernia?
8. In which city are the headquarters of General Motors based?
9. Which game features circles of red, green & yellow and playing involves getting really tangled up?
10. What is the name of Roy Race's son?

(no pressure, but we got 10/10 here)

and finally:

D: Connections

1. Which British Politician had an affair with Antonia de Sancha?
2. Who was burned for treason & witchcraft in 1431 and canonised in 1920?
3. What was the name of the character from the Wild West, played variously in films by Kirk Douglas, Dennis Quaid and Val Kilmer?
4. What was the name of the character played by Pamela Anderson in Baywatch


5. which fictional character is the connection between the last 4 answers???

Tie Breaker: How many of the wickets that Courtney Walsh took in Test Cricket were batsmen who were out for a duck? (I don't actually know the answer to this, so I'd appreciate your thoughts please. Now the question has been asked, I feel I have to know the answer.....)

We came 2nd in the end with 43/60 -- the winners had 44 -- but more importantly I spent a couple of hours in the company of some old friends and drank some beer.

bed, I think.


  • At 12:00 am, Blogger swisslet said…

    um. Hi Chris. thanks for dropping by. I think.


  • At 12:37 am, Blogger HistoryGeek said…

    Dear god! You all have a group answering these, right? Because I would never win alone...

  • At 1:38 am, Blogger John McClure said…

    No idea how many ducks he dished out (and annoyingly can't seem to find out), but he was (and may well still be) the leading accumulator of ducks (with 43).

    Pamela Anderson didn't get where she is today by not being prepared you know, Reggie.

  • At 12:29 pm, Blogger John McClure said…

    Top five dismissers of batsmen for ducks:

    Glenn McGrath (82)
    Wasim (79)
    Courtney Walsh (79)
    Muralitharan (77)
    Waqar (76)

  • At 1:00 pm, Blogger red one said…

    Blimey. That's a top-notch pub quiz, that is. High standards and Bob Dylan playing in a corner.

    Glad you had a good time.


  • At 1:08 pm, Blogger red one said…

    I don't think your first commenter is trying to sell you corvette parts by the way. His photo blog includes pictures of Nelly, possibly the stroppiest looking cat in blogdom. I like a cat that knows its mind, myself.


  • At 1:57 pm, Blogger swisslet said…

    red - yeah, I realise that.... it's just he clearly goes around clicking the "next blog" button and pasting that comment in, which to my mind isn't much better than a corvette part salesman. His blog is full of comments from mildly confused people thanking him for dropping by. That would be fine if he'd actually bothered to read my post. He commented about 10 seconds after I'd first published it.

    (and yeah, it is a pretty good quiz - he was trialling a new format last night, and personally I like a quiz where the winner only gets 44/60. hard is much better than easy, IMO)


  • At 3:36 pm, Blogger red one said…

    Ah, I see. That does sound like Son of Corvette Parts. Mind you, I'm the blogger who thanked "flirtin' felicity" for dropping in...

    *slaps own forehead*


  • At 4:15 pm, Blogger LB said…

    Pete Sampras
    Andre Agassi
    Jimmy Connors
    John McEnroe
    Arthur Ashe

    at a guess.

    but that fictional character one is really bugging me. I have the answers to the four questions, but you're going to have to explain that one I think...

  • At 8:49 pm, Blogger bytheseashore said…

    Spooky. I went to a quiz last night (sadly not in a pub) for pretty much the same reason and won with 44 1/2 (mnyah!) out of 60. Embarrasingly our nearest competitors scored less than 30. Even more embarrasingly, my team laughed quite loudly while we were marking each others answers; the team we were marking weren't up on popular culture so answered several "Who..." questions with "Me". They seemed happy that that amused us. We pissed ourselves when they answered "Which X Factor finalist released an album recently?" with "Fox Mulder". Trouble was, they'd misheard the question and had answered seriously. So not only did we win by a country mile, but we appeared to be laughing openly at our weakest opponents.

    Which we were *inside*, I suppose.

  • At 8:52 pm, Blogger bytheseashore said…

    ...and one of the answers *was* 'Blowin' In The Wind'.

    Derek Acorah should be told.


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