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Thursday, October 27, 2005

it's not a matter of you versus of me....

If you value your sanity and your social life, then for the love of God stay clear of this game. It is absurdly, stupidly addictive.

My top score is 15,450.

[**** update **** 21,510 - but I could give it up anytime.....]

It's quite a philosophical game, actually - no matter how well you do it always ends with you getting the sack.

In many ways it's a microcosm of life.

...and I find the pandas to be petulant in the extreme.


In other news: I heard McFly doing a cover-version of "I Predict A Riot" on the radio this morning. It sounded okay, but it was just wrong.


  • At 8:56 am, Blogger LB said…

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with Mcfly's version of that song. In fact, I thought it was pretty good. Fair play to them.

    15,450? blimey. Must. Do. Better.

  • At 10:31 am, Blogger the urban fox said…

    Surely the original amounts to a cover anyway, more or less?

  • At 10:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well done for discovering Zookeeper, what, like 4 years after everyone else?
    It's available on Nintendo CS too.

    [the mean person who occasionally leaves comments]

  • At 11:23 am, Blogger swisslet said…

    has it been 4 years? bloody hell. I told you it was addictive.

  • At 2:30 pm, Blogger Mark said…

    oddly enough, I ksip the Zookeeper and go straight to the messageboard.


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