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Friday, October 01, 2004

What about yesterday (what about us)?

So Tony Blair has a heart condition and needs to have some surgery to correct it. This procedure is called a 'catheter ablation' and involves the application of electric shocks to correct an irregular heartbeat. I have to admit that this led me to picture a scene with Blair on an NHS hospital bed grinning nervously as a white-coated person approaches:

TB: "Do we have to do this again?"
Dr: "We have to be sure, Prime Minister"
TB: "That really does look an awful lot like a cattle prod..."

You can kick the health service as often as you like - one day they will have the chance to kick back. Of course, I expect Blair is having this little procedure done privately.
I'm not a fan of the UKIP, but it is funny to see the Tories get a shoeing in the Hartlepool byelection just before their conference.
Song going around my head this morning? "Just Like Heaven" by the Cure.... courtesy of an advert for 6Music. It's a good tune. Usually earworms like this are something terrible that you get caught humming in a meeting and everyone has a good chuckle (my own personal nadir was catching myself actually *singing* 'Earth Song' by Michael Jackson)


  • At 9:26 am, Blogger B1RDIE Num Num said…

    I reckon if the tories got that Theresa tiger Shoes Chariwoman in LEather, to go round in kinky gear, those old men will suddenly pip up and vote blue.

    I see a lot of blue merchandise.

    - I was hoping they'd come 2nd tbh, gives a credible threat to the Blair Brainwash Machine.

  • At 9:34 am, Blogger Damo said…

    Much as seeing the Tories in 4th place amuses me, the UK Independence Party are evil, reprehensible people... I would even go as far as to say that I would have preferred to see 3rd and 4th place swapped round. (Although I'd rather that all the joke candidates had come above both...)

  • At 2:52 pm, Blogger Mike said…

    There's nothing wrong with Earth Song. One of the funniest 3 minutes ever. Both video and lyrics. My personal favourite couplet:

    "What about elephants?
    Have we lost their trust?"

  • At 3:02 pm, Blogger SwissToni said…

    D'you know what? that lyric was going to be the header for this post, but I thought it was a step too far.
    This was the whole phase of his career where he had that giant statue on the Thames and did his whole Jesus / Pied Piper thing at the Brits - leading to Jarvis Cocker's immortal arse waving.

  • At 4:21 pm, Blogger Bee said…

    A Bristol comedian called Kev F thought one of the lines in "Earth Song" went: "Torn apart by beans." I'm still not sure he's wrong.

  • At 4:54 pm, Blogger Mike said…

    The lyrics in all their glory are available at http://www.lyrics-domain.com/Earth_Song_Lyrics.html

    Not that I needed to check.

  • At 12:00 pm, Blogger Damo said…

    I thought he said it was "Torn apart by bees"! But then, if it had been that, I doubt you would have forgotten...


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