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Friday, December 02, 2005

Cut myself on Angel Hair and baby's breath

If I can drag your attention away from other people’s handwriting for a moment, we have this week’s Earwoms to pay some attention to. I don’t know about you, but if I was doing an Earworm list this week, I think it would almost exclusively consist of lyrics taken from the post below… Barbra Streisand in particular has become unfortunately lodged, and I was actual caught singing “Woman In Love” under my breath, which was a little embarrassing.

Anyway. As you know, NaNoWriMo 2005 came to a merciful conclusion at midnight on Wednesday, but not before this week’s Guest Editor had racked up 84,421 words….

Ladies and Gentleworms, it is my great pleasure to present for your earworming pleasure, direct from Anywhere, USA…

Earworms of the Week - Guest Editor #28 – Alecya from Alecya G’s Plastic Castle

First, Thanks so much for having me, reading the other earworms has been an eye opener for me. Item the Next - I had no idea I liked so many songs until I tried to narrow it down to ten! But, here they are, the 10 songs I would burn on to a CD (provided I could figure out how) and listen to non-stop for a few months:

1. Heart Shaped Box, Nirvana:

I really can’t get enough Nirvana ever. I love all their stuff. And I don’t like them because Kurt Cobain is dead, or they were the “founders” of the grunge movement. I honestly like their stuff. I have since my little brother started listening to it and have ever since. But of all Nirvana songs, this one really gets me going. And as an ardent woman lover, when Jordis sang this on Rockstar INXS, I almost died. It was beautiful.

2. Sugar We’re Going Down, Fallout Boy:

I surf the radio for this song I like it so much.In part, it has a catchy tune within my range, so I don’t screech when I sing in my truck. I also love the lyrics. You’ll find throughout this list that I am a lyrics person, and this one is a great example. The idea of being someone’s anything “with a bullet” is an interesting idea to me. I’d also be lying if I said I had never wished to “be the friction” in a person’s jeans. The combination of obsessive lust, sarcasm and self-deprecation is a perfect combo for me.

3. Out of Habit, Ani DiFranco:

If you have never listened to Ani DiFranco go get an album of hers. She’s unbelievable. Her earlier stuff is very political, her later stuff is more jazzy. Either way, she’s amazing. This particular song is my pissy (angry) song, and I love it when I am in a bad mood and want to tell the world to shove it. “I want my old friends, I wasn’t my old face, I want my old mind, fuck this time and place” This song also drops the c-bomb, and any woman who can do that – kudos.

4. Hotel California, The Eagles:

This is my all time stranded on a desert island song if I only could hear one song, song. Its melancholy, its sexy, its lonely. Yet, it pulls you through by your shirt collar and you finish the song wanting to hit the <-- button on the CD player. And the guitar is gorgeous. 5. Feel Good Inc., Gorillaz:

This song makes me dance alone in my bedroom. It belongs on this list for no other reason than that. But I also like to crank it while I am driving, and I write NaNo to it. I think all of Gorillaz lyrics are fantastic, but I have a certain, well, earworm, for this song.

6. Feelin’ Love- Paula Cole:

One of the sexiest songs ever. If you can listen to this song, and the lyrics, and not feel a little hot, check your pulse. It’s a bubble bath, slow dance, lay in front of a fire type song. Paula Cole’s voice in this song is so sensual it makes me shiver. You can hear how excited she is.

7. Closer – NIN:

I don’t hear this song often enough, and it’s another that gets me wound up. They play it at a club in my town with a mix of a rap song I don’t know, but it fills up the dance floor every time.

8. Layla, Eric Clapton:

I need to add I like the slow version best. In the time it has taken we to write this earworm I have heard it 5 times on 3 different stations.

9. Staring at the Sun, The Offspring:

On a mix CD ‘Froboy gave me, and one of my favorite tracks of the Americana album, I wish this had been released on radio. Another NaNo writing song, gets me angry, typing fast and in the mood to stand up for myself.

10. Missing, No Mercy:

On a 90’s mix CD my little brother loaned me. This song has a lonely echo I can’t get out of my head. Especially nice on a rainy or foggy day. I listened to this song a lot when I was a teenager, daydreaming of crushes and/or boyfriends and thinking lonely thoughts. Since I found this CD in my brother’s collection I have listened to the song non-stop.


Thanks Alecya, and really, really well done on Nano – you were an inspiration throughout. Apart from Streisand, I’ve been mostly earworming The Arctic Monkeys again this week – what a brilliant record that is. I’m fairly sure that Gorillaz aren’t too far behind though. Naggingly catchy.

Next week’s Guest Editor is bytheseashore – who is also from Nottingham and also works in IT, so for all I know could be sat right next to me in the office. There’s a thought.

Right. That’s your lot. More handwriting guesses please. I think I’ll pop the answers up on Sunday night, if that’s alright with you?

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(and sorry it's a bit late, but I was unavoidably detained at a wine tasting....)


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    Wow! A listing of earworms that I'm familiar with! And such good choices, too.

    And look, the word verification isn't smenita today, so I may actually get to leave this comment.


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