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Friday, September 15, 2006

Deep inside of me I can feel it overflowing ....

Evening all.

Before I start, let me just get this announcement from Yoko out of the way:

A chap on LJ has come up with a most unusual fundraising plan to contribute to the Avon Breast Cancer campaign.

It involves some people uploading photos of their top front lady parts, for which the charity will receive sponsored pledges by others to view, up to a maximum of 100 sets of knockers. Even though I am horrifically shy, my cousin has recently undergone partial mastectomy and radio and chemotherapy for breast cancer, so I have decided to provide a cleavage shot myself. (I know - I must have temporarily gone insane, but the cause persuaded me to do it).

If you or any of your blog readers feel like contributing in any way, please tell them to visit here where all is explained.

YOU MUST PLACE YOUR PLEDGES BY 5.00PM US PACIFIC TIME TODAY (Friday - that's 1.00AM SATURDAY MORNING TO UK PEOPLE) as the poll will then close and the chance to pledge / view will be lost.

Got it? Go pledge, if only for purely voyeuristic reasons....

Ok. Back to this evening's other business....

This week's guest editor is something of a constant (and very welcome) presence around this neck of the woods. This might possibly be because he lives about 20 metres from my front door and I can wave to him from my kitchen window... but it's also because he's a very dear friend of mine.

Yes, ladies and gentleworms, without further ado (he's got 80s discos to attend, you know), it is my very great pleasure to present for your earworming pleasure....

Earworms of the Week - Guest Editor #41 - Lord Bargain rides again

Well, it’s the return of the Guest Earworms slot. More out of reasons of proximity and ST’s failure to ask anyone else in time, I have the dubious pleasure of entertaining you with the musical contents of my head from the last seven days [ST's note - Now then, play fair.... you were actually due to do this two weeks ago, but failed to submit your homework on time] . Bear in mind, please, that a two year old has been in my company for ten days now. I’m just sayin’.

It’s not a pretty selection. Who guessed?

10. Infernal - From Paris To Berlin

Tom sits opposite me. God love him, he’s a nice fella and works hard, but today for no reason whatsoever he has been singing “From Paris To Berlin And Every Disco I Get In” on a regular basis. No-one wants that on a Friday morning, do they?

9. The Theme Music To Stuart Little

Perhaps I should explain: Maddie and I had watched Stuart Little and enjoyed it very much. The disc then went back to the main menu. It sat there for ages whilst we finished our tea, and I could even hear it when I took her upstairs to bed. It’s a bit like when you leave Sky on the TV guide and, after a while you kind of get used to the repetition of it, however annoying the music otherwise is. The Stuart Little music is Ok, mind – an Alan Silvestri creation, if you will.

8. Muse - Starlight

The video came on whilst I was in a bar in Spain last week. I like Muse....in small doses. I can't normally tolerate a whole album's worth of that operatic screamery in one sitting, but I do seem to be able to hear the odd song of theirs and be able to forgive the falsetto warbling and wholly unnecessary overproduction for four minutes. This is a superb record - I love the keyboard riff particularly. (the video is them playing this on a aircraft carrier with lots of flares and stuff. Not to type at all, then).

7. Joyride - Roxette

No, I don't know either. I think I heard a snippet of another Roxette song on the radio and on inspection realised I had "Tourism" and "Crash, Boom, Bang!" but not "Joyride". So, 99p and a couple of days later, eBay obliged.Whether you care for the Swedish popsters or not, they make some natty pop songs. I like "Fading Like A Flower" but it's "Joyride" that's been chugging merrily through my brain this week.

6. You Needed Me - Boyzone


I was sitting at home last week catching up on four hours of TV I had taped the week before. VH1's "100 Greatest Boyband Songs". Hours of Blue, Five, Take That, a1, 911, NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys and Westlife. Clearly some people's ideas of hell, but I kinda enjoyed it.I own a fair bit of material from those bands I like, but realised that I didn't own much Boyzone. So, I downloaded a few of their singles that I liked, and this one has stuck with me. It was a #1 hit, this, you know. I love the crescendo it reaches and the "....so high that I could almost see eternity..." bit. Yeah, sue me [ST's note: don't tempt me]

5. Communication - The Cardigans

I bought Laura Michelle Kelly's album earlier this year which, whilst not everyone's thing, I quite like. It's an inoffensive bit of background female warbling and this is her most recent single and was my immediate favourite from the album. It won't trouble the Top 40 and I can't say I have actually ever heard it on the radio.I found out a couple of weeks ago that is is a cover version of a Cardigans tune from their "Long Gone Before Daylight" album, and I finally got round to downloading it this week. I've not heard much Cardigans stuff, but if it is as lush, powerful and honest as this, I might have to look seriously into getting some. It's a really good tune this - of all ten earworms this is the one I'd point you in the direction of investing 79p in. "..for twenty seven years I've been trying to believe and confide in different people I have found..."

4. Bobinogs

If you’ve not seen Bobinogs, you’ve not lived. They’re a band, the Bobinogs. The singer is called Bobin, the keyboard player is Nib and the drummer is Ogi. When they need something explained to them, they look through their Bobinoculars. If you go here and click on "music making", you can experience it in it's full earworm glory.

[Warning: Not For The Easily Earwormed]

3. I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Scissor Sisters

I can't say I was a huge fan of the Scissor Sisters first album. I found the whole thing a bit feeble, to be honest. Then, out of the clear blue sky came this epic disco anthem. It is, let's be fair, fantastic. Not only that, but in a rather ironic way, it is the song that gets a giddy two year old out of her seat and walking like Mick Jagger across the living room floor like nothing else has since "I Believe In A Thing Called Love". No sir. No dancing today.

2. 9 To 5 – Dolly Parton

I was minding my own business doing some work earlier in the week when I overheard someone’s mobile phone ringing. Their ringtone was some sort of odd mash-up between Bouncy Knowles’ “Crazy In Love” and this stomping Dolly ditty. It’s that whole breathless opening verse – “tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen/pour myself a cup of ambition” that I couldn’t get rid of, closely followed by the bloody chorus. It was a great description of my day, though – “it’s all talkin’/and no givin’/they just use your mind/and they never give you credit”…..

1. Love Like A River - Climie Fisher

I discovered last week, much to my dismay, that Rob Fisher from Climie Fisher died of cancer in 1999. He was 39 years old. "Love Changes (Everything)" remains one of my all time favourite records, but having heard "Rise To The Occasion" on a podcast here I downloaded a few of their other tracks this week."Love Like A River" was a #22 hit in 1988, and is one of those great pieces of late 80s pop. Lots of keyboard, catchy chorus, breathless vocals. Simon Climie of course went on to write hits for popstrels such as MN8 and Louise and has latterly worked as keyboard player and producer for Eric Clapton. However, for me nothing touches his early Climie Fisher work, and this song is a great piece of catchy pop.


thanks mate. Another interesting list, albeit one that includes Boyzone. It also marks the first (and hopefully last) mention of 911 on this blog. If Spike happens to be reading this after a spot of ego-surfing on google, then please don't take this the wrong way, but would you mind fucking off?

Excellent, excellent.

I'm not here next week (the Ryder Cup is calling me), but I'll try and get something sorted out for the following week.

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  • At 9:56 pm, Blogger Ali said…

    Thanks for the advertising Swiss.

    Apologies to Lord Bargs for that heading up your earworm piece, I am sure you have done nothing to deserve such a travesty!

  • At 10:24 pm, Blogger Michael said…

    sick thing about that...

    I knew because I came across it on my LiveJournal, as I was visiting the "show_your_boobs" community.

    Of course I have already made my pledge, being a boobie lover myself...

  • At 11:02 pm, Blogger Stef said…

    Wow, what a post!

    Knockers and some of the campest music this side of Brighton. Good effort!

    Boyzone? Roxette? Dolly Parton? Eep! No show tunes Bargs? ;-)

    I guess that's what makes the earworms slot so good though, an insight into the (twisted) mind of those involved.

  • At 12:08 am, Blogger Tina said…

    a) There is no way on earth I an going to show my tits
    b) Please please please let me do earworms of the week sometime - in the pursuit of diversification/diversity, I can assure I woud be completely different from anything you could possibly imagine
    c)apropos of nothing, there is no c

  • At 12:26 am, Blogger swisslet said…

    hey tina,

    a) no one is asking you to. I'm not showing anyone mine (unless they ask very nicely), but I am leaving a pledge for a good cause.

    b) okay. I'll take you up on that.

    c) righto.


  • At 8:15 am, Blogger Tina said…

    Pledge I will do - comment above was made under the influence of a not inconsiderable amount of alcohol - ita a very good cause

  • At 10:41 am, Blogger LB said…

    Stef, it's not really camp, is it? It might be a bit, er, "poptastic", but Roxette were hardly camp.

    (no, sir, no show tunes today).

  • At 7:12 pm, Blogger bytheseashore said…

    After a false alarm several years ago I'm a supporter of bowel cancer charities. [/overshare]

    I guess they'll wouldn't make much money following the same tack...

  • At 7:33 pm, Blogger Ali said…

    @ bytheseashore

    I suppose it just depends whose bottoms they managed to feature. I'd throw in few bucks for a gawp at Clooney's gluteus maximus... :)

  • At 7:09 pm, Blogger Jenni said…

    I'm so sad I missed the fundraiser! I totally would have bared or pledged! Good for you yoko!

  • At 8:15 pm, Blogger Michael said…

    fundraiser is still going on... supposed to last all week...

  • At 9:59 pm, Blogger Jenni said…

    Hmm...that place pledges by 5pm today is a bit misleading then, isn't it?

  • At 3:38 am, Blogger Michael said…

    late rule change.

    the guy who is running it changed it to allow more people to donate and post. He's been a bit overwealmed at the entire response it got. The post on his LJ where people post and comment each other was over 1800 comments last I checked. Last "rack" count was around 120.

    he said its looking as though about $2500 is going to be made towards breast cancer research.

    the most entertaining part: the menfolk have been posting pics of their racks too.

  • At 10:34 am, Blogger Ali said…

    @ Lizzy

    There are plenty of charity initiatives in aid of Breast Cancer research - indeed the charity Racks for Research was supporting promotes sponsored walks. Baring breasts does not appeal to everyone.

    Of course, I cannot speak for the other participants, but I was not emotionally blackmailed into it, I thought about it for a few days and decided to it both for the cause and for the challenge to my shyness.

    In spite of all my fears and worries, it was an incredibly validating experience, with real women showing real breasts, (operation scars, cellulite and even prosthetic breasts on unvarnished display) and mainly women commenters all of whom were incredibly supportive of each other. Hard to describe - but it was an affirmation of life and common humanity - there was much more to it than I expected.

    I would definitely participate again.


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