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Monday, August 01, 2005

I was like, good gracious ass bodacious

Reasons To Move To Europe - part i of an irregular series

Men in Europe go into the sauna naked and sit on a towel. This is more hygienic.

When men in the UK go into the sauna naked, they sit their bare arse directly down onto the wooden benches and drape a towel across their lap. This is perhaps a little more modest, but is presumably less hygienic.

I prefer to sauna in Europe.


  • At 9:20 pm, Blogger red one said…

    Europe for me too, please.

    I'll be standing at the Eurotunnel entrance with my towel and a sign saying "Hello Swiss Toni". And another one saying "note to actual Swiss people called Toni: this doesn't mean you".

    Which country did the phrase "we need to get bums on seats" come from, I wonder?


  • At 9:10 am, Blogger Ali said…

    Life isn't all about hygiene though, is it?

    Depending of course on who the men in question are, I think I would be prepared to experiment with either configuration of man, towel and sauna.

  • At 2:35 pm, Blogger Charlie said…

    here in America, we wear towels wrapped around our waists, which double as a seat cushion and as a cover for the member.

    modesty and sanitation, in one slightly larger towel.

  • At 9:52 pm, Blogger swisslet said…

    ah [slaps forehead] - a bigger towel!

    that, my friend, is why the US of A is the leader of the world!

    bigger towels! it's the best of both worlds...

    ...as long as once you have finished sweating into it, you don't take it to the shower with you. That would just be nasty.

  • At 1:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    errrr I thought Britain was in Europe???


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