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Friday, July 29, 2005

Only the curious have something to find

Morning all.

This week's guest editor first stumbled across this blog when she was acting a volunteer editor for Blogwise. In spite of having to cast her critical eye across me, she somehow is still coming back, and is the kindest, most supportive blogger I know by a country mile (although I have made her swear!).

Ladies & gentlemen. Without further ado.....

Earworms of the Week - Guest Editor #10 - Aravis from AravisArwen

When our wonderful ST graciously asked me to contribute to his Earworms of the Week, I was both honored and nervous. Living in a valley, I can't tune in any good radio stations and my exposure to today's music is limited. Sad, I know. The upside of this, however, is that I can guarantee you here and now you won't find the Frog Song or b-a-n-a-n-a-s in my list. Despite all above disclaimers, I do love music and tend to remember lyrics. Songs therefore pop into my head all the time as I go about my day, often prompted by something I've just heard, seen or read. The challenge for me then was not to try to come up with 10 earworms, but to whittle it down to only 10. I like almost all genres, the exception being gangsta rap or some metal, depending on the group. So the list you are about to read is eclectic and comprised of the most prominent earworms of the week.

Let's get on with it then:

10. Sweet Dreams (are made of this) - Eurythmics

This is the simplest to explain. While out gardening the other day, my neighbor across the road was also working outdoors and listening to music. This song came on and stuck.

9. Love's Recovery - Indigo Girls

A couple of friends in college introduced me to the Indigo Girls, and I fell in love with their music. Lyrics and imagery are important to me, and this song continues to speak to me in different ways with the passing of time. The end of this song was going through my head repeatedly this morning:

Oh how I wish I were a trinity
So if I lost a part of me
I'd still have two of the same to live
But nobody gets a lifetime rehearsal
As specks of dust we're universal
So let this love survive and be the
Greatest gift that we can give

I find their words poetic, not unlike the next one on the list...

8. America - Simon and Garfunkel

"'Kathy I'm lost' I said, though I knew she was sleeping/I'm empty and aching and I don't know why"
For that line alone this song made my list over some others. I feel that way sometimes, and this song springs instantly to mind every time.

7. Crazy - Patsy Cline

This is another that gets lots of head space, like it or not. Every time something nutty happens, I find myself at least humming the opening. But I sing it often too. Patsy and I have the same vocal range, so I don't sound so much like a strangled turkey when I sing along with her.

6. Top of the World - Dixie Chicks

I was listening to this cd Sunday, and this last song always haunts me. Dying with regrets and words of love not said? I hope not!

5. Losing My Religion - R.E.M.

I've always loved this song, and saw a reference to it yesterday. It's joined the others to form my internal soundtrack this week.

4. Piece of My Heart - Janis Joplin (corrected because I have a touch of OCD too, Aravis!)

That voice! I heard this while out with my friends Saturday. "Didn't I make you feel like you were the only man..." Gotta love Janice...

3. Space Oddity - David Bowie

I was thinking of Bush when this song popped into my head. BTW, whenever I think of this song, Ashes to Ashes starts to go through my head next. They're linked in my mind.

2. Hotel California - Eagles

Also came to me while gardening. I'm not really sure why, but I didn't mind.

1. This Side - Nickel Creek

It was a toss-up between this song or the next track on this cd, Green and Gray. Both are excellent and due to proximity on the cd have become permanently joined, if only mentally. Chances are you haven't heard of this group. It's comprised of a brother and sister (twins) and their friend, all in their mid 20's. They grew up performing together with their families, mainly bluegrass. They've had some small success in country circles, but they're not really country. They're a mix of bluegrass, folk and something uniquely them. They defy definition, and improve with each cd. I was listening to their second cd this afternoon, and these two songs are still playing in my mind now..

So there you go. It's not an accurate picture of my musical tastes- for one thing it's missing punk/alternative music. But I mainly listen to that when I'm angry or depressed. This was a mellow week and I guess these dominant earworms reflect that.

Thanks again, ST, for inviting me to participate


Thanks Aravis. Fox is still away, so I'm feeling brave enough to boldly state that the girls are definitely better at this than the boys. Continuing the theme then, next week (and just before she goes on holiday) your guest editor will be YokoSpungeon from YokoSpungeon's Diary Dungeon and Bookcrossing (I'm currently the proud caretaker of some books from Yoko's personal collection you know, and one day I'll read them... I will.... a Dave Eggers and Paul Auster).

Until next week then.

[previous guest editors: Flash, The Urban Fox, Lord Bargain, Retro-Boy, Statue John, Ben, OLS, Ka, Jenni]


  • At 5:27 pm, Blogger HistoryGeek said…

    Wow what earworms! Patsy Cline has been floating in my head this week, but its "I Fall to Pieces" for me.

    P.S. ST you are dangerously close to you 20,000 visitor mark.

  • At 5:49 pm, Blogger Erika said…

    I'm going to go home and put on Indigo Girls tonight. The line that always gets me was "My words are paper tigers, no match for the predator of pain inside her."

    And even reading your thoughts on Janis Joplin made the hair on my arms stand up. She is just that good.

    A fabulous list, Aravis.

    (20,000 ST! Congrats!)

  • At 7:06 pm, Blogger Flash said…

    I'm totally with you on that whole Ashes to Ashes thing.

  • At 7:33 pm, Blogger Aravis said…

    My OCD is kicking in and I have to own up to misspelling Janis' name on my list. All I can say is it was late when I wrote it.

    Bad Aravis!


  • At 7:42 pm, Blogger Aravis said…

    spin- thanks for the new earworm! *G*

    ka- that's another line I love. But then, their music is full of lyrics that give me the good kind of chills. :0)

    flash- yeah, they really do go together.


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