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Friday, January 26, 2007

and it's strange that you're here again, here again...


I've a confession to make: I have spent almost all of this week in very close proximity to this week's guest editor. During that time, I have done almost everything in my power to try and influence her selections. I haven't really been doing this because I want to have earworms of my choice in this slot (I can do that any day of the week, right?). I've been doing it because it is tremendous fun to try and plant odd songs into other people's heads. I tried the theme from 'Neighbours', I tried the soundtrack to 'The Sound of Music', I tried 'Star Trekking', I tried 'If You Leave Me Now' by Chicago, I tried the 'Rocky Theme'.

Judging from the list below, I failed utterly. It was a lot of fun failing though, and my head has been buzzing with any number of songs that are mildly embarassing to be caught singing in the office.

"It's life Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it, not as we know it...."
"It's worse than that he's dead Jim, dead Jim, dead Jim....."
"We come in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill, shoot to kill....."



Anyway, what could be more appropriate on Australia Day than having an Australian guest editing the earworm slot? Well, apart from the ritual humiliation of the English cricket team, obviously... but that's already happened.

Ladies and Gentleworms, without further ado, it is my great pleasure to introduce for your earworming pleasure... one of the nicest people in the world....

Earworms of the Week - Guest Editor #56 - Suburban Hen

You have failed miserably at trying to affect my earworms this week, Mr ST. Try as you might to have some Rocky action rocking my head (and you did try, you really did), it has not worked. Backfired though, didn't it?

10. 'Don't Stop Me Now' Queen

This was playing in that sports store in London on Sunday, wasn't it? And the guy with the very impressive rock rock hair was singing along? Maybe? That's how I remember it, and it's stuck with me ALL WEEK.

9. 'Feels Like Home' Chantal Kreviazuk

Look, I'm blaming the snow. And iTunes. And spending time with friends. It's got me all fuzzy wuzzy inside.

8. 'Uninvited' Alanis Morrissette

Two days ago I stuck the earbuds in and did some house work to the some of the 'City of Angels' soundtrack. This one stuck. It's not ironic.

7. 'Short Skirt, Long Jacket' Cake

I want a girl with eyes like a tiger.I do. I really do. Applications can be forwarded to suburbanhen@gmail.com.

6. 'I Will Not Go Quietly' The Whitlams

Great piano, great personal theme song. 'I will not go quietly, I will not behave myself'. Hehehehe. No, I wont. Except for the 'I was my own man' bit. I'm a girl, me. But you can pick up on just a bit of sarcasm in this one. Tongue in cheek, if you will. Maybe. Or not.

5. 'Mad World' Gary Jules cover of Tears For Fears

I think some of these are subliminal. I'm sure of it. Is my world mad? Oh, I dunno. Maybe just a tiny bit. This can be seen as a bit of a negative song (just a bit) but don't go reading anything into that. It's just a haunting tune, and I like that.

4. 'The Special Two' Missy Higgins

This one and the next are simply catchy Missy tunes that are on my Nano and therefor in my head a lot. No reason other than I really like Missy. You could take a look at the lyrics and try to read something into that, but you'd be wrong ;) (but I do drink whisky).

3. 'The Sound of White' Missy Higgins

See above

2.'The Blowers Daughter' Damien Rice

I wake up with it in my head. I don't know why. Can we not analyse this one? Ta.

1. 'Blow up the Pokies' The Whitlams

What are pokies? Fruit machines, only better. Gambling is legal in Australia and most pubs now have an extensive gaming area that resemble mini casinos. You can win thousands of dollars...if you're lucky. And of course, pokies are addictive. Tim sings about reclaiming your life from them. I've never been addicted to the pokies, but I know people who are.


Thanks Hen. I may have failed in my attempt to influence your choices, but ah! such a sweet failure! It's a good list. Now, if you'll excuse me, there are klingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow, starboard bow.......

Next Week: Me
Forthcoming attractions: Pynchon, I, Brummie

The Earworms of the Week Podcast is here (thanks to E)

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  • At 6:10 pm, Blogger Erika said…

    Ah, the Whitlams! Am mighty glad to see they're getting some internet buzz via the lovely Di 'cause they're a brilliant band. I owe the few cds I have in my collection to a brief and unsuccessful (due to a girlfriend he'd not aforementioned) Aussie boy. Ah well, everyone has their purpose in your life, right?

  • At 6:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm not up on all the groups here... but is it just me or is this list seems surprisingly pop-less for someone rooming with the charming LB?

  • At 6:50 pm, Blogger Erika said…

    Hey J - I'm still pathologically audioblogging the earworms if you want to listen to them: www.earwormsoftheweek.podomatic.com. I thought them very similar to the taste of Mr. Bargain...

  • At 8:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I defer to you then, Ka. It sounds like you have been paying much more attention that I have.

  • At 8:17 pm, Blogger adem said…

    Nice set. I especially enjoyed 'The Special Two' by Missy Higgins. Nice

  • At 8:57 pm, Blogger LB said…

    I have to say that I have (with the exception of some eejits called "The Cat Empire" who are *rotten*) actually really liked everything that has been imported into my iTunes over recent weeks.

    You can't beat a bit of John Farnham, can you?


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