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Friday, January 05, 2007

I told you I was trouble...

This might just be the longest delayed guest editor in the whole history of this feature. It was one excuse after another: at first she said it was because she wanted to wait until she had a blog. Fair enough, but then she did set up a blog and kept making the most extravagant excuses imaginable. I'm in Canada, I'm in Vietnam, I'm in Thailand, I'm in Zanzibar, I'm in Central America, I'm in New York..... Yeah, yeah. WHATEVAH.

Well, she's finally run out of countries to use as excuses and has turned up with her eagerly anticipated and long awaited list.

Well, perhaps "anticipated" isn't quite the right word....

.... and perhaps "eagerly" isn't quite right either.

Anyway. Here it is.

Ladies and Gentleworms, without further ado, it is my great pleasure to present for your earworming pleasure.....

Earworms of the Week - Guest Editor #53 - Sarah from A Rest Is As Good As A Change

So. I finally get my act together to let Mr Swiss know that I am ready to put in the necessary time and concentration to pull an earworms list together – when he rewards me with possibly the worst earworming week of the year! Or at least – that’s what I thought as I spent last week carefully recording all the Christmassy-based nonsense that was cluttering up my head (and it’s a tricky job, isn’t it) – only to find out that I was preparing for the wrong week. Thanks, ST!

Anyway – I’ve been horrified to learn that the very act of concentrating on your internal jukebox leads to the most annoying of the tunes being put on repeat. Apologies for what follows – all tunes are the earworm’s own and do not necessarily express the taste of the author.

Kenny "Dope" Presents; The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)

Nothing worse than a song that could be about earworms plopping into your brain every time you try and capture the tune you’re actually humming. Special thanks go to my friend, David, for this one. I was staying at his house last week and told him about my task – he thought it was highly amusing to sing this at me at every available opportunity (fortunately, some of his other efforts don’t have the same longevity)

Japan – Life in Tokyo

I was lucky enough to have had a year long sabbatical from work in 2006 (sadly, today is the last day) – and during that time I did a little bit of travelling. It’s very fortunate that I didn’t attempt to write this piece while I was away – during October, for example, the less embarrassing earworms came courtesy of Phil Collins, Men at Work, Midnight Oil and Nena.
This week, I’ve finally started to upload some of the photos from my last trip to Asia and Australia onto flickr.com. Can you guess where my first destination was?

Julie Andrews (and cast) – Lonely Goatherd.

This one wormed its way in last week when my Mum decided that she’d use the theatre tokens she received for Christmas on a trip to see The Sound of Music. I was slightly perplexed as to why this particular song from the musical had landed in my psyche; and refused to budge for a week– until I heard Gwen- “earworm-queen”-Stefani’s latest single. This shit is bananas…

Ordinary Boys – I luv you

‘I’m not trying to pat-ron-ise you’ – Go on Preston, spell it out.
I’ve been in bed, trying to kill off a heavy cold this week with only the radio for company. This is my punishment for tuning in to Radio 1. Perhaps the return of Celebrity Big Brother has helped to cement it in my brain. Who will be this year’s Preston and Chantelle? Ken and Cleo? Donny and Shilpa?

The Passions – I’m In Love With a German Filmstar

Another one to thank David for. I was away when “The line of Beauty” was aired so we spent one evening last week watching the whole series – and reminiscing about our youth (based on the soundtrack – not living in a posh London borough, alas). I was challenged to name this tune as it played in the background of the first show – my initial guess was something by the Cocteau Twins – it has that echo-y guitar intro. I am sure I have this on vinyl somewhere – but via the wonders of modern technology, within minutes I’d downloaded a copy and have been playing it ever since. Lush – and an earworm I’m happy to have hanging around.

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Will You Smile Again?

I’ve been playing my old ‘…Trail’ albums this week as a reminder for their upcoming tour (Nottingham Rescue Rooms in February). No idea why this particular one has stuck – unless it’s my subliminal thoughts about the return to work next week?

Saint Etienne – I Was Born on Christmas Day

Another hangover from last week – but also one which gets into my head at this time every year as my mum’s birthday is on Boxing day. A day that has traditionally become a mini-Christmas day just for Mum – y’know, as we’ve all gathered together anyway…. Note to self -must put that Christmas playlist to bed.

Snow Patrol (feat -Martha Wainwright) - Set the Fire to the Third Bar

So they had the number one album for last year (thank the chart rundown for this one). So the album may have “all the texture and edge of a security blanket doused with fabric softener”. So they’ve been slammed for being boring and bland. Don’t care one jot – I have a soft spot for this lot and the addition of Martha Wainwright is a bonus.

Booty Luv – Boogie 2nite

No idea where this one has come from – the only rug I’ve been cutting up is between my bedroom and the bathroom cabinet in search of lemsip plus. I’m guessing it must be a ‘last song on the radio’ earworm – the txt spk title only serves to make it more irritating.

Gene Autry – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Thanks to my Mum for this one. One of the treats in my Christmas stocking (yes – the tradition continues in my family. I create Mum’s, in case you were wondering) – was a mug which plays a tune when it is tipped up - or, it would appear, when there is any slight movement in its vicinity. Such as the cupboard door being opened; the cupboard that houses all the teabags and mugs; the cupboard door that is opened several times a day. *screams silently*

Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good

Another reaction to going back to work – and the lack of confidence I have in my ability to remember what on earth it is I’m supposed to be qualified to do? Or another case of last song on the radio? Don’t know – but I do love this song. It can stay.

Thanks for letting me have a go, ST. A dark room and some of my favourite albums call…


Thanks Sarah. It was about bloody time you finally got round to submitting an earworm list too. It's a good list, so why do I feel slightly disappointed about the lack of Phil Collins? If you need some good music, you should have a look at the soundtrack for Starter for Ten - The Cure? Black? Psychedelic Furs? The Smiths? Motorhead? Tears for Fears? Echo and the Bunnymen? Yazoo? It's all there! Surely enough to shake the Ordinary Boys out of your head? *shudders*.

Anyway. Good luck with work next week. Hell, it was bad enough going back to work after New Year... and I didn't actually take any time off. I hate to imagine what it will be like after taking a whole year off! Enjoy your freedom whilst you can....

Next Week: Flash (I hope...)
Forthcoming attractions: Ka

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    It's okay, Sarah. I still haven't gotten I Wanna Hippopotomus for Christmas out of my head, either. Holiday music is very earwormy.


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